Not Controversial is about things we need to discuss openly, way more often than we do now.

Every Tuesday, I'll be in your inbox talking about some very non-controversial issues — because these are things that we're all thinking about but not really saying out loud. They shouldn't be controversial, not really. And this is my attempt to de-stigmatize and make them not controversial. 

Here’s a glimpse at the four broad umbrellas you can expect my issues to be under:

  • Money — why we need to talk about it openly, why workplaces need to make pay transparent, and why we (especially women and BIPOC) could do with demanding more money. 

  • The Hustle — how productivity influencers and trying to achieve 'that' lifestyle can be hella toxic, why it's okay to monetize your hobbies and also, simultaneously, be okay with them just being hobbies — the goal here is to do either without judgement, how work-life balances should be on employers, not employees to create, etc. 

  • Spicy Lit Takes — from calling out how we discriminate against comic books & romance books, and talking about how alternative forms of reading and writing (fanfiction) are totally valid, these takes will continue. 

  • Pop Culture Criticism — wbk that teen girls deserve more respect, that women have contributed more to the world than they'll ever get credit for, our society's obsession with romantic love — you'll still hear all about what I think.

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What readers have to say

"... Nia's newsletter in my inbox stands out as a refreshing read. In fact, unlike the recent aversion I have started feeling towards 'life hack' posts, I eagerly wait to read Nia's thoughts. The reason? Her newsletters are not preachy or pompous, nor do they make the reader feel small or inadequate. They quietly, sometimes humorously, address seemingly small aspects or emotions that we face as individuals every day that ultimately matter the most. My favourite are the ones she writes on toxic productivity and hustle culture; not only because I can relate to them, but also since they are written in a style that allows me to ponder over these points myself rather than have opinions thrust at me."

— Arundhati K, on Toxic productivity is not your friend

"Your writing is clear, succinct, and perfectly articulated. It's also easy on the mind when there is just so much content everywhere you look."

So good, Nia. SO GOOD. You hit so many points so close to home. So cogently and concisely. I've gotten into BTS only recently, and before I could, I myself was hesitant about joining the "crazy" fanbase. Cause I was scared of being labelled a "fangirl". Its so interesting how everything you wrote about had affected me subconsciously. I was being so hard on myself for simply liking something that made me happy, when things were just really fucking hard to deal with. It all makes so much sense now. Thank you for this one! And thank you for making me feel less insecure about my choices. You've given me a lot to think about :)”

— Mignonne D

“This is a really important question, and I am glad someone is talking about it more systematically. I especially found the comparison with artists who have practically denounced female fans quite interesting. I've never thought about acknowledgement of sentiment(?) as a reason for how invested I am in bangtan, but this has certainly given me some food for thought. Keep it coming <3”

— Zeba K

"This is so timely—I've tried to explain to people in life (including my roommate and my boyfriend) why it shouldn't be taboo to talk about finances as a very practical topic, but they still think "it's no one else's business." I'm gonna show them this."

— Anon, on How much do you make?

“Thank you so much for putting it into words. It is so relatable. It made me feel good to have read it. I had read an article that covered the same point a few years I had forgotten it, but this was a lot more relatable and It reminded me that it's okay to move and grow at your own pace.

— Anon, on Surviving a milestone-obsessed culture

About me

Hi there, I'm Nia, a freelance content marketer. I've written copy for Google, TikTok, Penguin Random House UK, and others. Some of the industries I work for include publishing, B2B tech, fintech, SaaS, and more. 

In 2021, I realized that while I'd written hundreds of thousands of words for clients, I couldn't seem to find the time to write for myself. So, I started this newsletter as a way for me to write about what's in my head (and probably yours too).

You can find me @sleepyhollowkid and @perceptivemadness

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I like to talk about things we all need to discuss more openly. I also like BTS, fanfics, and oxford commas. 🚀